We train you to train your dog


Over many years our Club has been helping the community to train its dogs to become well mannered and appreciated.


You can choose the level of training you require, whether it is simply to have a dog that walks quietly by your side, obeys your commands and behaves in the company of other dogs or people, or even a dog that competes in Obedience or Agility Trials locally or across the State.


Our Club provides qualified, volunteer Instructors to help you reach your goal.


It makes no difference if your dog has a pedigree or is a cross, or if it is male or female, large or small, or young or old.


Commencement Age for dogs

4 Months: the critical point is completion of the vaccination program.



Because we train in a social setting with many other dogs we must be sure that any risk to our dogs' health is an absolute minimum.


There are several highly contagious diseases which may adversely affect the health of our dogs.


Therefore the most important requirement  for all dogs commencing with our Club is a complete and current vaccination record.


Vaccination procedures (particularly with puppies) may vary from one Veterinary practice to another.

Consequently the vaccination status of your dog MUST be confirmed by a  Veterinarians Certificate indicating completion of the initial vaccination program for a pup and/or the date of the annual supplementary vaccinations in the case of older dogs.